ADR Chambers Ombuds Office reviews complaints brought by any member of the public about any decision made by a municipality for whom we provide Ombudsman services. If a complainant has gone through the municipality’s internal complaint system and is not satisfied with the outcome, they may escalate their complaint to the ADR Chambers Ombuds Office. When a complaint falls within our mandate, wherever possible, we will attempt to facilitate a resolution of the complaint. If that cannot be done, an investigation will be undertaken by one of our experienced, independent investigators. The investigator’s report will contain the investigator’s findings, either rejecting the complaint or making recommendation to the Region/Municipality, and will provide reasons for the decision. ADR Chambers Ombuds Office is a private company that operates independently from the municipalities and its services are free of charge to those making the complaint. ADR Chambers Ombuds Office is the Ombudsman for the following municipalities:

  • City of Burlington
  • Halton Region

If your municipality is not listed here and you have a complaint you would like to pursue, please contact your municipality for further information regarding the appropriate forum to bring your complaint.